To circumnavigate Mont Blanc on my 9:ZERO:7 Carbon Whiteout.
Traversing steep mountain passes, snowfields and hanging glaciers, covering one hundred and ten miles with 25000ft of accumulated vertical over approximately 10 days.



Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western Europe reaching over 15,770 feet with the magnificent valleys of its massif stretching into France, Italy, and Switzerland.
This circuit links these three Alpine countries exploring the famed mountain range that has beckoned climbers for centuries.



In 1999 I got off the hedonic treadmill to find the authentic version of myself.
I quit my job in London as a contract Design Engineer, sold most of my belongings and crossed the Atlantic with only a backpack and a bike. Crash-landing in Venice Beach, California I began to reinvent myself as the Unchained Cyclist, a bike-centric experiment in consciousness.
For the last 15 years I have been exploring the most geographically rich regions of the US from the Keys of South Florida to the Mountain Ranges of Alaska and most recently the magical state of Colorado where I can be found exploring and training in the Rocky Mountains – all year round.



In 2013 I traversed the South coast of Iceland via beach covering 500 miles over 3 weeks on my 9:ZERO:7 Tusken FatBike during which I drew from experience gained mountaineering in Alaska at high altitude.


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